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Buyers guide to Wrought Iron furniture

Believe it or not there are some factors that need to be considered when shopping around for outdoor furniture. You’ll need to think about the strength of the material, how it fits in your outdoor space, how it handles the natural elements (rain, splashes from the pool, snow etc.). Having a solid plan and checklist can steer you away from making costly mistakes and knowing that giving your furniture some tender loving care and make difference in protecting your items.


One choice for tables and chairs is wrought iron furniture. Wrought iron can make any garden space look classy and elegant and give that regal look. You’re not tied down to pre-made style, you have the ability to customise the style and functionality.
The advantage of iron material is that it can withstand wet conditions, but make sure it’s painted with a powder coast finish to prevent rusting. Keep an eye out of the build of the furniture, pay special attention to see how the legs are fitted together with the table and test for stability, a well-crafted wrought iron item will be heavy and at the same time be comfortable to sit on.
Before buying your wrought iron furniture take in account the style and size you want, how many chairs, tables or benches you require. Find out if your product comes with warranty. Ask the manufacturer for those hidden costs such as delivery for larger and heavier items.

Caring for your wrought furniture

There’s a bit of maintenance that’s involved in prolonging the life of your furniture. When rain does occur, just give the chair or table a quick wipe, because of decorative design there might be places where water collects.
With these points in mind you’ll be well on your way to shopping for your new outdoor furniture.  Have a browse through our galleries to give you some ideas.

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