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A small victory for the balustrade industry!

If you were to recall that a few months back, we published an article that outlined some of the potential changes that the government was considering making to its laws regarding railings and balustrades. In today’s blog post, we will post a summary of the proposed changes and also provide our readers with an update on how things have progressed and what this will mean for the balustrade industry not only in Brisbane but all over the country.

What were the proposed changes?

In its most simple form, the government and the Australian Building Codes Board had been working together to make some changes to current laws regarding railings and balustrades. These laws were designed to protect children by banning any designs that would create an unintentional foothold for a child to climb the rail. This proposed change was highly opposed, due to the lack of research on the area and the huge effect that such a change would have on the industry.

What has happened since then?

Since we wrote the last article, the ABCB has come out and released a statement that explains how much opposition they have received. They has decided that they will not implement the new laws in 2013 as expected, rather they will continue to perform further research and go from there.

What does this mean for me and the industry?

This is great news for both buyers and consumers of railings and balustrades in Australia. The laws had the potential to stifle the creativity of the blacksmiths and designers, which completely goes against what they are about. Until further notice, balustrades will be built as usual from our award winning team at Prestige Wrought Iron! Please contact us today on (07) 3814 0076 for any further enquiries!