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Wrought Iron through the Ages

 Wrought iron has been embraced as a versatile material by society throughout much of mankind’s history. Because of its superior properties including its malleability, durability and conductibility (that’s a lot of ility!) wrought iron has a long and interesting history for its ability (there’s another!) for use in a huge variety of purposes.

Wrought Iron makes a decorative debut

Decorative Iron work on the Notre Dame Façade in Paris.

Examples of people working with iron date back to 3500 BC where warriors used iron in swords and other weapons made from the material. During the Middle Ages iron was used for tools and weapons but new uses began to creep in., especially for window and door security to protect thieves. With all the advances in security technology, iron window grilles still play an important role in the physical security of our homes today.

However one of the most transformative uses of wrought iron began during the late middle ages and the Renaissance period in Europe where the decorative appeal of the metal began to be appreciated. In fact it’s it made it debut in some of the most iconic landmarks throughout Europe.

Did you know wrought iron was used in:

  • The Canterbury Cathedral in Kent
  • Iron balconies at St Pauls Cathedral
  • Decorative facades on the Notre Dame in Paris

And later a form of wrought iron was used in constructing the most iconic pieces of infrastructure on the planet – the Eiffel Tower! How very French!
Speaking of our French friends, visitors to the French Quarter in New Orleans can see the work of elaborate ironwork on the railings and balustrades of many historic buildings around Bourbon Street. Iron balustrades are something that continues to be sought after in construction today – just ask us at Prestige Wrought Iron. It’s one of our most common jobs!
Iron architecture on Bourbon Street in New Orleans’ French Quarter

Don’t you wish you were a Blacksmith?

People living in the Middle Ages held those who worked with iron in high regard. The job of a blacksmith was considered just as important as the town doctor since they were able to create many useful items that people needed including cooking utensils, pots, and much more. Today, home owners still embrace the classy and timeless appeal of the material for use throughout their homes.

If you’re looking to recreate a touch of history in your home in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, you’re on the right page. Simply browse our galleries to see what’s possible or call our friendly team today on (07) 3814 0076 and get professional advice from the iron experts at Prestige Wrought Iron.