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Beautify your Bedroom with an Iron Bedframe

As well as our iron gates and fences, we also craft elegant and grand wrought iron furniture, a furniture style has been used for hundreds of years and still appeals to people in today’s market for its timeless appeal. With any type of furniture there are good points and bad points, but with the help of this article we can highlight some tips that will help you make a better decision when shopping for a wrought iron bed.  This type of bed frame creates a beautiful focal point in a master bedroom and shouts grandeur and class.

Advantages of wrought iron

Timeless Looks

The look for wrought iron bed brings a touch of elegance and classic aesthetic which will last a life time.  The beauty with wrought iron furniture is that it will never go out of style and will maintain its elegant look for future.  Since the design of the bed frame is made up of iron rods, this allows light to shine through and let air flow.

Extreme Durability

Owning a wrought iron bed can be a great investment for your bedroom and needing very little upkeep to sustain the quality. The durability of iron is very strong and tough material.  Depending on the level of craftsmanship it can hold large amount of weight.

Iron furniture Size

Generally, bed frames are manufactured slightly longer than bed mattresses to allow bed sheets to fit nicely over the edge of the frame.  By having a space between the bed and the floor this creates opportunity for extra storage.  Depending on the style you want they are available in all standard sizes these are; king, queen and twin.

Any Drawbacks of wrought iron?


The properties of iron can be a great conduction of either hot or cold temperatures. With that being said if the bedroom environment is very cold the bed frame will feel unpleasant to touch however this is easily controlled in most climate controlled indoor environments.


One characteristic of Wrought Iron beds is that they tend to be very heavy, so moving to new to a place can be little bit inconvenient and troublesome to carry, but nothing a few removalists couldn’t handle. It’s weight is also the reason why it’s such a long lasting and durable material.

Prestige Wrought Iron are the team of Iron Men in Brisbane, crafting elegant yet practical designs.  If you’re searching for a beautiful, timeless bed frame for the bedroom or updating the look for your master bedroom, we can take your design ideas and craft your elegant wrought iron bed that’s unique and made to last a life time.