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Gates in Brisbane: Iron Gates to work for your home

Gates serve a very practical purpose in our homes, keeping you and your family in, and others out. They also enhance the physical security of a home while still allowing people to enter and exit. Whether on foot through a pedestrian gate, or via your car through larger driveway gates, gates are entry and exit points at the boundary of our property.

Made from stunning wrought iron, Prestige Wrought Iron offers both pedestrian and driveway gates in a variety of designs to suit your style and personality. Be sure to see our fences and gates gallery to get some design inspiration for your own house, or speak to us about spirals, spear heads, curves and also incorporating shapes and patterns into your driveway gate – all possible when working with the uniqueness of wrought iron.

Incorporate Letters or Numbers in Your Gate Design

The skill of our wrought iron craftsmen means that we can even create a monogram (one or two letters) in the design of your wrought iron gate. Whether it’s your initials or the street number of your home, speak to us about using distinguishing your fences or gates using letters or numbers.

Things to remember when installing driveway gates:

  • Depending on the slope of your drive way will depend on whether you can have gates that open inwards or outwards. While inward opening gates are preferable to open manually, this might not always be an option with upward sloping driveways.
  • The width of the gate will depend on the approach a vehicle needs to make to reach the drive way. If the approach is straight on a narrower opening and gate can be used, however a sharper turn into the property will most likely need a wider opening to navigate the vehicle easily.
  • A separate pedestrian gate is often located to side of the driveway gate for easier exit and entry for those on foot, with designs that match the fencing and driveway gate.
  • Decorative spears can be added on our gates and fences both as a design features but also as a security feature stop people climbing over the top.
  • Swinging gates are typically easier to install than sliding gates and cost less.
  • The average height of a gate is between 5 – 6 feet.

The benefit of stylish, durable and well-designed wrought iron gates goes a long way in adding kerb appeal to your home and a touch of style. At affordable prices, they’ll also add a high perceived value to the entire home!

To find out more about designing the best gates in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast with Prestige Wrought Iron, simply call us today on (07) 3814 0076