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Is your Garden low on Iron?

Outdoor Landscaping Ideas Using Wrought Iron  

It’s the finer details that really give our homes their individual character and provide the finishing touches to give a room a certain look and feel. This is also true for outdoor areas including the garden and backyard. For people who are looking to recreate a sophisticated, timeless and decorative outdoor environment, wrought iron can complement your existing greenery and add a significant amount of perceived value to your home on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts and here in Brisbane.

As the blacksmithing experts who craft unique iron creations, the team at Dean Wilson Iron explain your options for incorporating iron in your garden.

Iron Fencing

Iron fencing around the perimeter of your home can make a sophisticated and imposing statement and allows climbing plants to blend perfectly between the bars. The way wrought iron is constructed means that it is both strong and durable and with its imposing looks provides a visual deterrent for intruders. Depending on your style preferences we can create iron fencing at different heights and use iron along with other materials to provide a point of contrast.
These different styles include:

  • Iron fencing between rendered or exposed brick columns.
  • Iron fences with decorative twists or with spears
  • Iron fences with curved elements or spirals

Iron fencing looks amazing when contrasted with topiary hedging either in raised garden beds along the base of the fence line, or as sections of hedging in front of you wrought iron fencing fencing. Many people make a feature out of their entrance gate by planting trees either side of the entrance gate. Whatever way choose to blend greenery with wrought iron you can rest assured that it will look good. Wrought iron and the natural environment just works!

Outdoor Iron Furniture and Decorative Features

Iron also looks fantastic for decorative features in formal gardens. We can craft customised wrought iron furniture here at Prestige Wrought Iron that will stand up to the elements. Options for outdoor furniture can be powder coated in a number of colours including classic black and white which brings a vintage feel. Furniture and decorative options include:

  • Wrought iron park benches,
  • Outdoor tables with decorative designs in the framing and legs.
  • Iron brackets for hanging pots and plants,
  • Wrought iron trellises for climbing plants including jasmine or as a decorative piece to attach to walls and as decorative framework.

The possibilities to use wrought iron in the landscaping around your home are many with the only limits being your imagination and budget. Speak to us about your ideas for creating a garden that features the stunning visual beauty of wrought iron by calling the experts Prestige Wrought Iron today. We can craft your ideas into stunning reality.