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6 Gorgeous Examples Of Wrought Iron Wall Art

The term “wrought iron” usually brings to mind fences, balustrades, and security gates. This versatile material, however, can offer so much more! A lesser-known use for wrought iron is decor, indoors or out. A durable material, wrought iron is also extremely malleable, and can be made into any shape or design you can dream of.1 This makes it the perfect way to add a little flair to your property, and can be used in more ways than one. Check out some great wrought iron wall art ideas below.

Outdoor wall art

Outdoor Wall Art Vine Climbing

Image from Pinterest

One of the best things about metal wall art is that it looks great on any surface—brick, smooth or textured rendering, or timber slats. As you can see in the first image, it can have a dual purpose of adding some art to your exterior area, and also be a vine climber—the greenery on top of the wrought iron is a beautiful contrast. If you prefer something with less edges and a little more flow, the below image utilises traditional wrought iron design with a modern finish. Even without climbing the design itself, the flowering plants below create a stunning feature for your garden or outdoor entertainment area! 

Outdoor Wall Art Plants

Nature-inspired art

Nature Inspired Art

If you are looking for something extra inside your home, why not add a piece of nature-inspired art, and bring the outdoors in? There are great options for nature-inspired wrought iron wall art. Flowers, leaves, and tree designs can be incorporated into one or more pieces (as seen in the above image) that work together to create a gorgeously textured artwork for your kitchen, living area or bedroom. You can also use shells, animals or any number of aspects from your outside environment to design your very own nature-inspired art. 

Candle sconces

Candle Sconces

Image from Pinterest

Another great way to add an extra element to your home is by hanging wrought iron wall art that doubles as candle sconces. A beautiful display by day gets even better when the sun sets, as you can add the dimensions of warmth and light to the piece. While the above image shows a more modern design, candle sconces can be added to any style, and creates a subtle and calming shadow effect when lights are dimmed. 

Contemporary wall art

Contemporary Art

Image from Pinterest

If your space is more about sleek design and a modern edge, wrought iron art can easily replicate this too! A simple design can highlight the craftsmanship of pieces, incorporating geometric or minimalist lines, and adding an extra dimension to your home in a clever, understated way. If you want something a little less subtle, but aren’t a fan of traditional styles, adding a few small and artful knots or twists to these pieces can kick it up a notch from minimalist to creative. 

Feature art

Feature Art

Image from AliExpress

Spotlighting your wrought iron wall art is yet another way to utilise this versatile material. Combining it with other materials, including mirrors, or using different coloured elements, can create a show-stopping look for your living area or bedroom. Pops of colour can tie your entire area together, or a more monochromatic look can be dramatic and eye-catching.

These are just a few of the never-ending options for utilising wrought iron wall art in your home, or your outdoor area. Whatever your personal style or preference, there are ready-made pieces to suit, or you can design your own one-of-a-kind artwork, with the help of professionals. These pieces are designed to last for many years, won’t fade in colour, and are easily moved around to refresh any space in your home. Adding a piece of wrought iron artwork to your home is a sure-fire way to add style, texture, and uniqueness.


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