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Wrought Iron Versus Steel Fencing – Which Is Better?

When you’re looking to build a new fence, you will be faced with a choice – wrought iron or steel fencing? The look you’re going for will influence your decision. But if you’re after safety and security, like all fence owners are, wrought iron will not let you down.

You’ll soon realise it is not all about wrought iron’s striking appearance. There is more to iron than meets the eye. If you’re after strength and durability, then wrought iron is the answer to offer not only good looks, but also strength and safety you have come to expect from a fence. Wrought iron has been around for centuries and can be trusted on. It has proven its performance under all conditions and won’t let you down.

The benefits of wrought iron

Wrought iron is a hard metal that can make a durable and sturdy fence. Wrought iron includes iron ore, with iron silicate, a glassy material. This can make iron have a softer feel than steel, which can mean it can be less durable. But wrought iron can handle shocks and vibration. The properties of wrought iron also mean that any breaks that do occur, tend to occur slowly. And the best bit about this? As the home owner, if there are breaks, you will be given plenty of warning. The fence won’t just fall down, like it can with steel!

Have you seen the curved nature of wrought iron around the place? Maybe you’ve seen that local café with a funky wrought iron security fence? That’s the beauty of wrought iron – it is easily welded and makes it a dream to work with. You will notice the quality of workmanship of a wrought iron fence when compared with a steel one. There is also another added bonus with wrought iron. Yes, it requires maintenance. But what in this world doesn’t? The beauty of it though is there are great tips available to care for your wrought iron pieces. This will make sure you can care for the thing you love and it will pay you back with years of strength and durability.

While iron can be prone to rust, by simply applying a coat of rust preventing wax, your gate will continue to be well cared for. Prevention is always the best option.
And if the rust happens to have already taken hold, you can touch up little pieces yourself with a ball of steel wool or you can contact your local wrought iron specialist to help you.

If after years of great service, your gates happen to start looking a little dull and worn, it’s nothing a quick coat of powder paint won’t fix to make it look new again.

Properties of steel

Steel contains iron and carbon, which can make steel more durable. However, if a powerful force strikes the fence, say a car or lightening, it will break instantly. There is no warning. And this is a huge problem if the steel is protecting from a large fall.

Steel with carbon can be harder to mould than iron. So depending on your choice of fence, this will definitely factor in your decision. With steel, it will be harder to get beautiful curved intricate designs transformed in your fence. The options are a lot more limited with a steel fence. And while it may be quicker to make a steel fence, it cannot be worked with as easily as iron, so will mean you will probably end up with a very common piece – no one offs with steel!

And if you have a particular style you are trying to achieve with your house such as setting off your renovated Queenslander or providing a grand entrance to your acreage, steel will not have the desired effect.

If the steel is missing properties such as nickel and chromium which are found in stainless steel, the steel will not last as long as iron. Steel without these properties is prone to corrosion. Where your property is located will affect this decision.
If you’re stuck for ideas for your next fence, the first place you need to start is a wrought iron specialist. With huge benefits in using wrought iron, including its workability, corrosion-resistance and strong, structural appearance, wrought iron is a superior choice over the high volume manufacture of steel.

So, wrought iron or steel fencing?

The choice is pretty clear! Not only will you get a piece that has quality workmanship and looks beautiful, but the ability to customise and design your own piece is priceless. You won’t see your product anywhere else when it is all your design. And with experts in wrought iron to help you with design and quality workmanship, you will end up with a product that will be the envy of everyone, from neighbours to friends and family. For more information, contact Prestige Wrought Iron today.

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