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Wrought Iron Brisbane

Make a statement with luxurious hand-made wrought iron

We are premium wrought iron blacksmiths based in Brisbane. We design, forge, and install bespoke wrought iron products of various types, including gates and fences.

Celebrating Over 25 Years of Excellence

Wrought Iron Brisbane – We Stand for Quality

Quality is our number one priority. Every one of our wrought iron products in Brisbane is created from scratch, designed according to your preferences and specifications, and produced in our on-site forge and workshop. We don’t import anything, because we only trust the quality of our own work.

We have been creating custom wrought iron for over three decades, so have the knowledge and experience to produce high-quality products that look amazing when installed.

Our wrought iron makes a statement. Whether it’s a custom-made gate with personalised flourishes, a commanding fence that helps to keep your property secure, or grand balustrades that line your stairs or balconies, all of our products are designed with a “wow factor.” That’s why so many of our customers are from referrals.

Brisbane’s Best Wrought Iron Solutions

We are both artists and blacksmiths

Wrought iron is highly malleable, which allows us to shape it into absolutely gorgeous patterns during the forging process. As such, to produce truly beautiful and unique designs, our blacksmiths are also artists. Every wrought iron project is carefully sketched beforehand to show you the final product, and allow you to provide feedback.

Wrought iron that enhances your property

Wrought iron is a luxurious material that can really make a statement for your home or commercial property. We ensure that our products fit perfectly with the aesthetic of your property, creating timeless gates, fences, or balustrades that are sure to impress.

Australian-made wrought iron

Our wrought iron products are made entirely in Australia, from raw iron. We never import products from overseas manufacturers because they are often poorly made, and may not meet the legal requirements of Australia’s strict building standards.

Tough, long-lasting wrought iron

Wrought iron is a highly durable material that lasts for an incredibly long time. It’s weather-resistant and able to withstand our extreme climate, protecting it from rust and rot. That means your gate, fence, or balustrades will stay in good shape for decades, and may also raise the value of your property.

Three decades of experience

We have been designing and forging wrought iron for over 30 years. This has given us the experience and skill we need to become master blacksmiths who can create high-quality wrought iron products. It’s the biggest reason why our customers love our work, and often refer us to their friends and families.

Personalised ironwork

We take pride in designing wrought iron with a personal touch. We want to put a little part of your history, personality, or character into our work, so that it truly reflects you and your family. This is achieved through our consultation process, as we get to know more about you.

Realistic timeframes

We’ll aim to get your wrought iron completed as quickly as possible, and will never give you false promises. We’ll provide a clear timeframe during the consultation process, based on our current workload.

Regular photo updates

Creating wrought iron takes time, with every piece forged and hand-crafted. We’ll send you regular updates on our progress, so you can see how we’re doing.

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Let us create a sense of grandeur for your home or commercial building, with a beautiful wrought iron gate, fence, or balustrade. Chat to us about your needs today.

Who We Work With

We work with a variety of people in Queensland, and have created hundreds of original wrought iron pieces. These are the types of people we commonly work with.

Homeowners and Business Owners

We regularly work with homeowners who want to add a touch of class and style to their Queensland property. We can create fitting wrought iron designs for a variety of property types and styles, including colonial houses, classic houses, Hampton-style homes, and contemporary designs. We’ve created wrought iron pieces for Australia’s biggest mining magnates, who were delighted with our work.

We’ve also worked with lots of prominent Queensland businesses to add a little prestige to their commercial properties. This includes restaurants, bars, wineries, breweries, wedding venues, and lots more. Some notable properties we’ve worked on include Cloudland in Brisbane, St.Joseph’s Cathedral in Rockhampton, and the Amira Apartments in East Brisbane.

Developers, Builders, and Architects

We can complete wrought iron pieces for development projects of every size, and any stage. This includes large-scale projects aimed at high-end clients, new builds, refurbs, and more. We can also forge the wrought iron and hand over the installation to building firms, if they’d rather take control of the process.

We also work with architects to ensure that their careful designs are executed for building projects. They are often involved in the drawing process with us, so that our designs can complement theirs, to produce the best possible result for their client.



Government buildings are often designed to look important, even a little authoritative. A wrought iron gate or fence can achieve exactly that. They can be interpreted as a symbol of power and strength, which reflects the building’s important purpose: to serve the public with honour.

We’ve worked with lots of Brisbane councils, creating wrought iron pieces for government buildings and public spaces across the city. This includes council buildings, public squares, parks, and beaches.

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We pride ourselves on creating high-quality, personalised wrought iron products. Contact our team if you’d like to make your property a little more luxurious.

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1 How long does it take to create a wrought iron product in Brisbane?
Our Brisbane wrought iron projects usually take between six to eight weeks to complete, although this depends entirely on what is being made. If you’re building a new home, or renovating your current home, we ask that you give us as much time as possible to create your wrought iron product. The earlier we can start your project, the faster we can complete it.
#2 How does your process work?
This is an overview of our wrought iron production process: 1. Discuss your design – To design a wrought iron product that matches your Brisbane home, we’ll get together to discuss your background, and what you are looking for in your wrought iron piece. This includes a detailed discussion of your vision, the features of your home, the location of the wrought iron, and the purpose it will serve. During this discussion, we encourage you to outline any queries you might have, so we can clarify any points of confusion. Your satisfaction is paramount—we want to exceed your expectations. 2. Provide a quote – Once we’re crystal clear on your needs, we’ll provide you with a rough quote for the work. If you’re happy with the ballpark figure, we’ll return to our workshop and create a more accurate quote that covers every cost involved. 3. Design and forge the wrought iron – If you’re happy to go ahead, we can get started on your wrought iron project. Our clients are our number one priority. We recognise that your vision is likely to be specific, and to ensure that your requirements are met, we will involve you in every step of the process. This includes the entirety of the production stage, where we’ll send you regular photo updates, or invite you to inspect the wrought iron in our workshop. 4. Install the wrought iron – When your wrought iron is complete and meets your satisfaction, we’ll install it on your property. We’re careful to adhere to the relevant Australian building standards, and will follow any architectural or building plans that you might have.
#3 Which areas in Brisbane do you service?
We create wrought iron products for people across the entirety of Queensland, but most of our work is around Brisbane. This encompasses pretty much every suburb in the city, including the CBD, Fortitude Valley, Kangaroo Point, Paddington, Teneriffe, Ascot, Chandler, Hamilton, and St. Lucia.
#4 Does wrought iron rust?
Wrought iron doesn’t rust if it’s been properly finished. We’ve refined our finishing process over the years to create the most durable pieces possible. This includes a grade three sandblast and finish, followed by a protective zinc coating that acts as a barrier between the iron and the corrosive atmosphere. We then finish our product with a decorative powder coat, or our unique hand-rubbed natural iron finish. This ensures that our wrought iron is fully protected against rust and corrosion, and will last for decades when properly maintained.