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Need Wrought Iron For Your Project? The Leader In Wrought Iron In Brisbane Can Help

Whether you’re building a new home or need help restoring wrought iron on a commercial job, Brisbane’s leader in wrought iron help – Prestige Wrought Iron. Established over 20 years ago in 1992, our experience will ensure you will receive a top quality product and service. With no job too big or small and a multi-award winning business, Prestige Wrought Iron are the perfect leader for all your wrought iron needs in Brisbane.

Need inspiration? We can help. Need help deciding on the style of wrought iron to add to your property? We can help. Maybe you’re after a custom designed bed frame? We can help. Below are just some of the reasons that Prestige Wrought Iron is the leader in wrought iron in Brisbane.

Award-winning wrought iron design in Brisbane

Prestige Wrought Iron is not just any wrought iron company. With over 20 years in the business, they are now the premium choice in wrought iron for bespoke artistry in Queensland. Our business’s award-winning reputation has set us up for the same accolade for Brisbane city. Awards gifted include a national trade award in blacksmithing, a commendation from the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and a Chamber of Commerce Small Business Award. We’re proud that the quality of our craftsmanship has attracted so much recognition.

Blacksmithing background in Queensland

To be the leader in a field, it’s important that the background of the leaders is at the heart of the business. Both Joel Dean and Andrew Wilson have a blacksmithing background and in over 20 years Prestige Wrought Iron has gone from strength to strength. With custom-made pieces at the heart of our business, this background has ensured that customers are thrilled with the result. If you’ve got some ideas for a custom piece, fill out our contact page and we’ll call you back to discuss how we can put your ideas into action.

A passion for wrought iron

To be in the wrought iron business and a leader in the field, you need to have a passion for wrought iron. And at Prestige Wrought Iron we have it in spades. We love designing custom pieces, whether it’s a unique coffee table or a specially designed fireguard. We also have experience creating pieces for prominent business people and celebrities and pride ourselves on the job we do for everyone. With the backing of a blacksmithing award, when you choose the leader in wrought iron, you know there will be authentic passion behind it.

No job too big or small

If you need a piece made out of wrought iron, whether it’s a small awning to cover the front door or a larger piece like a secure fence to finish off your property, we can help. There is no job too big or small for us and that’s what makes Prestige Wrought Iron the leader in wrought iron in Brisbane.

Wrought iron to cover a range of purposes

Wrought iron is a tough material. It’s a misconception that all wrought iron must be straight. That’s not the case. Wrought iron can be curved, tapered or circular. Wrought iron can bring an elegance and delicate feel to any piece. And who is the best person to help you achieve the look you are after? The leader in wrought iron in Brisbane.
Prestige Wrought Iron will work with you to first help you decide on the look you aim to achieve with wrought iron. This is the perfect time to exchange ideas and have a professional to guide you through the process. If you’re looking for a one-off piece, you can be sure you will receive an original, custom creation.
If you’re just thinking about how wrought iron can improve your house or can be brought in to make a conversation piece, then consider the leader in wrought iron in Brisbane. Prestige Wrought Iron offers more than just fences and gates. Your vision can offer custom designed and made. For more information, contact Prestige Wrought Iron today.