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Stylish Security Screens a Sight for Sore Eyes

It’s an unfortunate fact that most security doors and grilles look horrifically ugly, bringing an almost jailhouse look to a home. Since most people don’t want their home to resemble a penitentiary this presents somewhat of a problem. While security bars may serve their purpose from a utilitarian perspective, the fact they looks so unattractive means many people choose to skip window and door security altogether. Sometimes this means going with other options which may not offer the needed protection for entry points to their home. But wrought iron changes all this and offers an attractive security solution.

Security for Safety and Peace of Mind

With forced entry occurring through windows and doors, the physical security of these parts of the home is extremely important.
The fact remains that apart from good lock hardware, security doors and grilles are one of the most effective forms of physical security that you can have in your home, and if you’re serious about security these are an option that should be considered.

Fortunately you can have it all, since thanks to the craftsmen at Prestige Wrought Iron there is a stylish solution that serves style, substance and most importantly security in equal measures. We offer wrought iron security screens, doors and window grilles that can be custom-made to complement the design of your home instead of clashing with it.

Why is wrought iron a superior security solution?

There’s practically nothing that can penetrate solid iron nor is there any way of manipulating this robust product with bare hands, or other tools. Combine this construction with the imposing looks of wrought iron security screens and you can stop would-be thieves in their tracks as they move on to an easier target.

Unique, Stylish and Sophisticated

The decorative potential of wrought iron products mean they can be crafted in a way which can create character and beauty to your home instead of just having straight up and down bars.

From spirals, twists, trimming and decorative insets, the material can be crafted in such a way to create a unique security solution which keeps people out, and still provides an outlook. At the same time wrought iron looks both attractive and even adds sophistication and a finishing touch to a property.
With wrought iron doors, screens and grills, you don’t have to forego security windows and doors for your home on the basis of looks alone – there is a perfect solution
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