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The Rustic Gate and other Wrought iron inspiration

Wrought iron is showcased in homes to bring old world charm, heritage, stately looks and rustic appeal. There is little quite like it. Quality wrought iron lasts a lifetime when properly maintained, and often like a fine wine, it gets better with age. When used outdoors, wrought iron also takes on new character depending on the surrounding landscape.  Speaking of landscapes, wrought iron has been used around the world since the middle ages and continues to do so.

Wrought Iron Gate in Country Cottage Garden – Surrey, England

Wrought iron makes the perfect hardscaping material for landscaping projects. Here in Surrey, England a grand wrought iron gate frames the entrance to the home and swings open to reveal a charming country garden, matching perfectly with the original brick arch way.

Wrought Iron Gates, Fences and Railings in South-Eastern USA

Heritage homes with a distinctly ‘wind in the willows’ feel have come to life using wrought iron. Homes in the historic US cities and early colonial settlements of Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina have embraced wrought iron in fences, wrought iron railings, and even used to draw attention to the feature lamp. It’s another way wrought iron can bring real presence to a property and make any basic entrance into a grand entrance.

Wrought Iron Ranch Gate, Temecula California

An automatic iron bi-parting gate here is used to complement the traditional timber ranch, fence railings. Iron here is also shown to work in harmony with timber poles to hang the ranch’s entrance since – made from steel lettering.

Wrought Iron’s Malleability on Display in Edinburgh, Scotland

The artistry of the blacksmith is on display here at this Edinburgh terrace home where wrought iron has been twisted under intense to create a vine like appearance for the gate’s arch. What has resulted is a very unique creation which showcases natural motifs welded to the frame of the gate.  An example of how your imagination and the malleability of the material can work together to create something very unique.

Wrought Iron blends with Art Deco in Casablanca, Morroco 

Finally, this is another example of how wrought iron can work with nearly every style of archteicture and in many cases enhance the existing arthctirue to provide something more unique and charming.

These wrought iron doors have been fashioned to provide an attractive yet imposing entrance on an apartment building in the Morocco capital of Casablanca. The added benefit apart from good looks, is that they also make a door and entrance that offers immense robustness and physical security.

In different continents around the globe, wrought iron is used to complement, enhance, add style and security and character to all kinds of properties and buildings.
Here in Brisbane Australia, Prestige Wrought Iron can create custom wrought iron work that can be featured throughout a home. Contact us today to discuss your ideas about how you best can showcase the material in line with the look you are seeking to achieve.