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Maintaining Your Iron Fences and Gates

Iron fences have been long revered for their beauty, elegance and imposing looks. A quality wrought iron fence in Brisbane built by Prestige Wrought Iron will last for decades when well looked after. Like all other forms of fencing though they do need to be protected from the elements, most notably from rust.
The good news though is that this routine maintenance of your wrought iron fence is easy and relatively quick, and by doing so you will protect the looks and durability of your iron fencing for many, many years to come.

Warning signs of deterioration

  • Uneven surface on the iron known as pitting.
  • Rust coloured staining on surrounding masonry or brickwork.
  • Blistering paintwork.
  • Plant growth around the iron fence can trap water and hide deterioration so if you’re using creepers and vines surrounding your wrought iron fence, be sure to inspect the wrought iron itself which can damage roots and tendrils.

OUTDOOR wrought iron maintenance tips

1. Remove any light rust forming by rubbing a fine wire brush. Avoid using any brush or material that is too abrasive or will scratch the surface of the fence or remove paint.
2. If there is already rust forming on the wrought iron fence a rust converter will convert the iron oxide on the fence surface into a chemically protected barrier. These can be picked up from major hardware stores. Make sure to follow exact application instructions on the packaging.
3. Apply a spray on oil based primer especially for metal and iron use. Dulux Metalshield product range offer many different products especially for use on wrought iron.
4. If rust has removed paint, apply oil based paint in the same colour as your iron fence
5. Another way to prevent rust and corrosion occurring on the paintwork is to clean the fence with detergent, rinse with water and allow it to dry. Wipe off any rust residue with a cloth.

It’s also a good idea to grease the hinges of any gates each year, of if they become squeaky. A general spray on lubricant like WD-40 will work well for this. All fences require ongoing maintenance and care – even powder coated aluminium fencing unlike the claims of manufacturers can deteriorate over time. But the good news is that with routine care your beautiful wrought iron investment can last a lifetime – just look at the antique wrought iron railings and balustrading from bygone centuries that still stand proudly today!

For more information about building fence with wrought iron call the iron men at Prestige Wrought Iron today. Phone (07) 3814 0076.