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Working with Wrought Iron PART #1

In our previous article, our team provided our readers with a bit of a background on the history of wrought iron and how it is used today. We are so passionate about our work that we feel like we should share some of the details of what we do with our clients. The more you know about iron work, the more you will be able to appreciate the skill and labour which is put into every single item we fabricate. In today’s article, we will continue our series on wrought iron by putting the spotlight on the tools which we use in our Brisbane workshop to manipulate the metal.

The Forge

A blacksmiths Forge is obviously a crucial part of their operation, as it directly controls the heating of the metal to the blacksmiths required temperatures. These forges can be fueled using a number of materials, including coal, charcoal, natural gas or more commonly propane.

The Clamps

The clamps, vises and tongs that a blacksmith uses are all very important, as they essentially provide a way to grip and manipulate the red-hot metal. They also provide stability to the piece when it is being worked on with the hammer.

The Hammers

The hammers are the series of striking tools that are used to manipulate and transform a piece of wrought iron into the final product. The hammers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including the modern automated hammers.

The Anvil

The final tool of the trade is the large Anvil, similar to what you would have seen being dropped on the Coyotes head in Road Runner. The anvil serves a vital role as it must remain true under all kinds of temperatures and stresses.
In today’s blog post, we have outlined some of the important tools our blacksmiths use when manipulating wrought iron. If you would like to enquire about what our blacksmiths can do with these tools in our workshop, please give us a call today on (07) 3814 0076.

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