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Stuck for front fence ideas? Here’s everything you need to know

We’re all about lavish front fence ideas at Dean Wilson Iron – if you’ve got big ideas or no idea, we can help. Whether you’re building a brand new home or just wanting to update your existing property, a new front fence is the ideal way to transform a house. Think of a front fence as the finishing touch that will highlight the style of your property and creating that WOW first impression. From style to safety, here are the top five things to consider when purchasing your new front fence.

Top five considerations when purchasing your new front fence

While you’ve decided you do need a new front fence, the next step is to work out which type is best for you and your family. While safety is vital, design and style is equally as important to dress your property. It’s a great idea to browse for front fence ideas to see what style suits you best.

Security considerations for your new fence

Security is vital for any family or individual. In keeping your property secure with a quality fence, you ensure that your priceless possessions are well cared for. This means that you can head out for the day knowing that your home is secure and protected. A “hard to climb” and “built to last” front fence keeps intruders from going over or through! Wrought iron fences, steel gates and tall cinderblock fences are the best choices for deterring intruders.

Visual deterrent – be harder to breech than your neighbours

Not only is a secure fence important to keep an intruder from entering, the visual aspect is also just as significant. Having a strong, visually imposing fence that adds a layer of difficulty to a break and enter may be enough to deter some burglars. It’s like the old saying, you don’t need to outrun a lion, only your travel companion – a tough, impenetrable fence may be enough to save your home from prowlers. Unlike cinderblock (besser brick) fences, wrought iron fencing allows visibility into your property, yet another deterrent for intruders.

Front fence ideas to suit your style of house

Front fences aren’t just functional; they’re the “first impression makers” for you home! Consider the style of your home to see which fence best suits your property. A striking decorative front fence with dress up plainer homes design. An elegant modern fence will bring tired design back inline with current fashions. High visibility will highlight gardens and decorative design. Whether it’s a grand entrance or an understated embellishment, look for front fence ideas that will enhance your home’s look and value. Wrought iron designs are ideal for creating simple elegance or an intricate show-stopping look.

Keeping kids and pets safe

It doesn’t matter whether your house is on a busy road or a quiet cul-de-sac; a fence is vital in ensuring that kids and pets stay safe. A fence built to be solid and secure will stop little bodies squeezing through or under. Be especially careful with wooden gates as time can cause the timber to warp and move. What may seem like a tiny gap to you, could be just wide enough for a little body to make its way through. Be sure that gates are childproof and that your fence meets the ground, especially if you’re concerned about four legged babies.

Easy to maintain

While a beautiful fence is a must, it’s also important that you choose a fence that is easy to maintain. A fence that can be easily cleaned to avoid bigger problems is a great start. While timber fences can look beautiful, they’re prone to warping, leeching ugly tannins and require painting. If you choose the wrong timber, you could be opening yourself up to termite infestations and rot. And hedges? What a nightmare! Don’t spend weekends tending to your front fence, invest wisely from the start.

Lasting quality

This is why we love wrought iron fences so much. Wrought iron is highly durable and generally lasts for decades. Unlike timber, it’s resistant to harsh weather and pests. It won’t deteriorate or discolour as quickly as other materials. It’s longevity and sturdiness means lower upkeep costs and excellent value over time.
There are so many front fence ideas out there, that you might feel spoiled for choice. If you’re considering a wrought iron front fence, Dean Wilson Iron offers custom made designs built to specifications so your fence will be as individual as your home. Contact Dean Wilson Iron for more information.

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