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Wrought Iron Entry Gates - Leafwork

Inspiring Wrought Iron Entrance Gates For Your Home

Gates aren’t just access points to and from a property. They can create an impression, add value and street appeal, and complement your home’s design and your own aesthetic preferences. Here are some fence decoration ideas to transform your home and some wrought iron entrance gates to inspire you when considering your next outdoor renovation.

Wrought Iron Entrance Gates - Robust & Hollow Basket Design

This home’s sliding iron entrance gate exudes a commanding presence with its robust design and sturdy columns. Black is also a dominant hue and one of the most popular wrought iron gate colours. However, these are softened by multiple balusters with their hollow basket design and a stunning combination of C and S-shaped scrolls at the top of the structure. These meet at the impressive finial, which is topped with a lofty regal spear.

Wrought Iron Entrance Gates - Feature Pattern

This is a breathtaking example of a custom-designed entrance gate, and wow, does it make an entrance! But its size is offset by the delicate ironwork throughout, which combines a multitude of C and S-shaped scrolls that climb all the way to the top. And the feature pattern, are they 8-pointed stars or simply divine daisy-like flowers? Regardless, they are stunning.

Wrought Iron Entrance Gates - Finials

This is another imposing example of an entrance gate design that should not be messed with! Featuring a powerfully built foundation in no-nonsense black, it is edged by solid brick posts that up the security ante. Simple balusters, a few C-shaped scrolls and an expanse of Roman spike finials complete this masterpiece.

Wrought Iron Entry Gates - Panel

This entrance door gate design features a solid wrought iron panel at the bottom of the structure with four custom motifs that add interest and privacy. Two baluster designs are interspersed across its width, and scrolls feature intricate twists with bursts of sprouting foliage. The curved top creates balance by softening the whole effect.

Wrought Iron Entry Gates - Leafwork

When it comes to wrought iron entrance gates, this one is a visual feast that perfectly complements the Federation-style home. Edged by rustic bricked pillars, its unique features are a combination of curved-ended balusters, scrolls and leafwork galore. It is topped by a single finial with a lovely (almost) heart-shaped feature. As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.”

Wrought Iron Entrance Gates - Rustic Pillars

The design features of this entrance gate are a unique combination of softness and strength. The finials are a strong spearhead design that signifies security. The softer elements are the scrolls, and there are lots of C and S-shaped versions here. Given the size of the gate, they help balance the elements and create visual interest. A touch of whimsy is also included with the scrolls at the bottom of the gate that hint at upside-down hearts. Love!

Wrought Iron Entrance Gates - Fleur De Lis

This is another divine example of wrought iron entrance gates that are both bold and beautiful. The matte grey tones first add a sophisticated edge and give a softer impression when combined with the backdrop of the home’s white exterior. Soaring posts on either side feature pointed caps, and this element is replicated with the fleur-de-lis finials. Scrolls are sprinkled throughout at various sizes, and they are superb foliage elements that give this structure a life (almost) of its own!

Wrought Iron Entry Gates - Foliage

Custom foliage elements are again evident in this design, although they are a little more ordered in their layout. However, they are still soft enough to distract from the strong vertical lines of the balusters and columns. Scrolls feature on the top section interspersed with lovely leafy highlights, which are crowned with a statement fleur-de-lis finial.

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Wrought Iron Entrance Gates - Functional

When considering the design of an entrance gate of a house, form and function are of course important. But a truly great design includes a nod to aesthetics as well. Here, the two combine beautifully. The balusters have wonderful feature elements, and the length of octagons at the bottom give the fence personality. Swirls feature in the centre and on the curved top, and the whole effect blends seamlessly with the side fencing and its spearhead finials (you can see a glimpse of these on the right of the photo).

Wrought Iron Entrance Gates - Grand Design

These wrought iron entrance gates certainly make a design statement with a combination of multiple elements that ensure this structure stands loud and proud. Intricate twists and spirals feature from top to bottom and are edged by vertical balusters to break up the busyness. A centre finial surrounded by more spirals has a commanding presence with gilded touches that exude style and sophistication. Bravo!

Wrought Iron Entrance Gates - Sliding

This is another superb example of how gilded elements can transform a neutral colourway into something that sparkles (literally!) This design exudes luxury and elegance as well as signifying strength and security. What a combination! Scrolls abound in all shapes and sizes, and gilded leafwork is sprinkled throughout. Gilded touches are also evident on the balustrades and the three fleur-de-lis finials, with the centre version creating a magnificent focal point.

Wrought Iron Entrance Gates - Gilded

This is a smaller version of wrought iron entrance gates, but nonetheless, it is an attention grabber. Gilded elements again feature on the scrollwork and on the three fleur-de-lis finials. However, these have been subtly included so they don’t overpower the design, and they let the other elements (like the fantastic leafwork) shine as well. This is a clever strategy as this home also has front fencing that mirrors the entrance gate. It is a considered balance and one that certainly works.

Wrought Iron Entrance Gates - Secure

This is an entrance gate design for a home that definitely communicates security. Standing tall and proud, it is a no-nonsense design with predominately vertical and horizontal features from the straight-up balusters topped by more straight-up spiked finials. The thick, sturdy posts with their sturdy caps continue this theme, although a subtle weave of meandering foliage adds some curved relief.

Wrought Iron Entrance Gates - Design Layers

Multiple design layers add intrigue to this entrance gate design. At the bottom is a wide panel that leads into multiple balusters with curved ends. The top section features more simple balusters until you reach the curved top. This is where the eye is led to highlight the elegant scrollwork that is crowned with a sweetheart beckoning visitors to enter a welcoming home.

For more information about how you can experience the beauty and benefits of iron entrance gates for your home or business, contact the team at Prestige Wrought Iron today!

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