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Backyard Fencing Ideas

6 Awesome Backyard Fencing Ideas For Your Home

Backyard fences offer safety, security and an ability to express your design style. They can be used to frame a landscape, create backyard entrances, or add delightful accents to your garden. In this article we’ll guide you through the best fencing options for your family home, with 6 awesome fencing ideas that will make your property look beautiful and secure.

Decorative Fencing DesignImage from Pixabay

Decorative Fencing Designs

Decorative fencing gives homeowners the opportunity to express their individual design style. There are a wide range of decorative fencing designs that will improve the quality and structure of backyard fencing, increase a property’s curb appeal, and over time, raise its value.

Decorative fencing can be constructed using timber, concrete, brick, vinyl or wrought iron. You should assess which of these materials are most durable, which you find most beautiful, and whether they fit with the style of your home.

We usually recommend a wrought iron fence for decorative designs. Wrought iron is a strong and resilient material that can be sculpted to create the most intricate of designs.

Secure Home FencingImage from Unsplash

Secure Home Fencing

Secure backyard fences are tall, strong, and act as a visual deterrent to burglars. They also keep kids and pets safely contained in an enclosed area.

When building a secure backyard fence, you’ll want to consider the types of fencing available, and how secure you want it to be. Iron and metal are the most secure types of fencing, with wrought iron an effective and attractive option for adding extra security and safeguarding the entry points to your backyard. Wrought iron is strong, timeless and can be shaped into beautiful displays of art.

Frame Your BackyardImage from Pexels

Fencing to Frame Your Backyard

The right fencing will highlight your garden’s landscape, creating a modern, up-to-date aesthetic. If you’re looking to frame sections of your garden, pools, playgrounds or seating areas, there are many garden fencing ideas available.

It’s important to consider the environmental impact, structural integrity and stylistic aesthetic when choosing your fencing material. Wood can warp and rot over time, whereas wrought iron or steel is rust-resistant, economically friendly and looks grand. You can use the same fencing material for your entire property, or mix materials to create a striking contrast. Mixing materials may also prove to be the most cost effective option and help you save money on installation costs.

Fencing Options for Privacy

If you’re looking for more privacy for your family home, a tall fence with narrow gaps will suit best. Ultimately the fence should meet the stylistic needs of your home and create an intimate space for you and your family to enjoy.

Installing a multipurpose garden fence is a great way to create a private area as well as a lush, green garden, with long grasses, tall trees and potted plants. Or consider adopting a more ornate design that uses strong wrought iron.

Be sure to adhere to city and neighbourhood regulations regarding the look, height and materials before building your new private fence.

Fencing BackyardImage from Pixabay

Home Fencing for Backyard Entrances

Creating a new backyard entrance can help to increase the value of your property, and improve the overall aesthetic of your backyard.

When planning a new entrance, allow for at least one large path leading to the backyard fence. This is to ensure the safety and comfort of those using the entrance. It should also be clear where each entrance is located. Make sure that planted materials, wispy grasses and tall towering greens don’t overgrow home fencing in favour of landscaping.
Beautiful decorative touches create visual interest in backyard fencing designs. Wrought iron is recommended and can be shaped into spirals, vines and intricate curves.

Consider including features that align with your home’s design, and highlight backyard entrances.

Blue Garden FenceImage from Pixabay

Accent Garden Fencing Ideas

Adding an accent fence will not only act as protection for your garden, but also create a beautiful setting for your backyard. Much like your garden, your fence can also be a work of art.

The accent fence is used to highlight the most spectacular sections of your backyard. This area could be your pool, garden, special seating area or patio. You only need a small portion of fencing to show off your favourite area in the backyard.

You can use luxury materials and one-of-a-kind designs for your accent fence. Creating a distinct pattern with a mix of different materials will draw the eye to one specific area of the garden and make the design look more interesting. Stone, metal or wrought iron which incorporate intricate details will create an eye-catching backyard accent fence.


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