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Decorative Fencing Design Ideas For Your Home

Decorative Fencing Design Ideas For Your Home

Fencing around your home serves many purposes. It offers security, privacy and the opportunity to add street appeal for resale value. Decorative fencing allows a home owner to share their personal style inside and outside the house.
Think fencing is purely practical? You will be amazed at the variety of designs that can captivate a street-side audience while adding the wow factor to the front (and back) of your home.

Decorative fencing materials

Fences can be constructed from a variety of materials including timber, concrete, brick or wrought iron. It’s important to consider the durability of your fence materials, as well as the need for ongoing maintenance. Fencing needs to be hard-wearing and able to withstand various weather conditions. You should also consider how much time you have available for upkeep; a painted wooden fence requires more TLC than a sturdy iron fence, for example.

You should also be mindful of how the design can impact the front aesthetic of your home. Will the design make a visual statement or does it make the front of your home too busy?

There are many benefits to a wrought iron fence; it’s a strong, yet durable material that can be shaped and curved into any number of patterns to suit any home.

One great advantage of using wrought iron for your decorative fences is that it can stand alone, or be teamed with a brick or wooden fence as a finishing touch. This sort of creative design thinking ensures your decorative fence is one-of-a-kind.

Whatever you choose, there are plenty of style options available to you. The team at Prestige Wrought Iron specialise in wrought iron fencing. Let’s have a look at just some of the style options available in iron.

Decorative fence design ideas

Before you decide on a fence design, it’s important to consider the style of your home. Is it a federation or colonial style house? Or is your home a contemporary style? There is a wrought iron decorative fence design to suit whatever house you own.

Federation home

A federation home works beautifully with a baroque or vine style fence. Think swirls, leafy patterns and gothic influences that allow the wrought iron fence to knit a stunning front yard display. The black wrought iron colour can contrast stunningly with a white or grey toned home, the usual colour palettes for federation designs.
Simple bar-style wrought iron fences can also be a great option with a federation home. Think of arrow designs, ornate poles, or imitation ‘picket fence’ tops on your iron bars to keep the fence in line with the style of your house.

Country cottage

A country cottage style home requires a fence that isn’t too heavy and offers plenty of charm. A simple timber picket fence is the most common style of fence used around a country cottage, but wrought iron can offer a quaint fence style for an original twist on a classic. Simple arched or spiral features can work well with this style of home.

Contemporary home

A vertical bar design fence is the most popular of styles when teamed with a contemporary home. Consider gold accents or swirls that add a modern feel to your fence. Alternatively, if you have a design idea in mind that would suit your home, the team at Prestige Wrought Iron can bring your idea to life. Such is the advantage of using a malleable material like wrought iron; it can be shaped and styled to your preferences.

Townhouse settlement

Wrought iron decorative fences are the perfect fence style to enclose townhouse settlements. They are strong and secure, but also do a great job of maintaining a consistent theme around the complex. The fence can feature any number of accents including intricate curves and spirals or classic columns and spears. This style of fence can add a homely feel, as well as providing privacy boundaries, which is essential for townhouse developments.

Typical decorative fencing designs

As mentioned above, wrought iron can be shaped into several different styles of fence designs. Here are some shapes and styles to consider for your home.

  • intricate curves
  • spirals
  • swirls
  • columns
  • spears
  • vines
  • gothic shapes
  • twisted columns
  • arches
  • crescending or ascending spears and columns
  • baroque inspired designs
  • floral accents
  • circle accents
  • sphere accents.

Choosing your decorative fencing style is important. If you go with wrought iron, which lasts in pristine condition for many years, you’re looking at a long-term investment. You want to get right the first time!

Decorative fences in the backyard

A lot of consideration is made on the type of fence installed at the front of your home, but it’s equally important to think about your backyard. Choose a design that works with your lifestyle and the outdoor landscape of your home.

As the homeowner, you will spend more time relaxing in the backyard than the front, so it pays to be mindful about an aesthetically pleasing and practical decorative fence design for your back garden, too.

Backyard fencing can be used around pool areas or to segregate sections of the garden – like the clothesline area from the patio. You can choose an ornate design for privacy screening, or a simple column or spear design to ensure the fence does not obscure your view.

If your back yard can be seen from the street (for example, if your house is on a corner block), you may consider having the same style of fence at the front of your property as the back, to keep the look uniform.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when choosing a decorative fencing design for your home! If you’re interested in adding a decorative fence, call the team at Prestige Wrought Iron. We have over 25 years’ experience and can ensure your fence design suits your home. The team is always open to collaborating with you to ensure you get the right look for your decorative fence.

Thinking of adding a decorative fence to your home? Contact the team at Prestige Wrought Iron today!