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Wrought Iron Decor

Wrought Iron Decor For Your Home

Wrought Iron Decor
Are you looking to update your home with timeless decor that is both practical and beautiful? Wrought iron home decor is popular in Australian homes for its customisable, distinctive look and durability. Here are six decorative wrought iron furniture ideas for your home.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Decor

#1 Style

Offering both classic, timeless style and unique character, wrought iron is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. One of the best aspects of investing in decorative wrought iron furniture is that it comes in a variety of shapes and designs, giving you the freedom to choose a design that matches your home’s theme and aesthetic.

For example, you might opt for a traditional Art Deco style or choose a streamlined, modern style with LED lights. Since wrought iron is extremely customisable, you can choose a tailor-made design to achieve exactly your desired look.

#2 Durability

Unlike most other materials, well-made wrought iron furniture will last many hundreds of years. Its unique properties allow it to resist corrosion, giving it durability and timelessness that most other styles of furniture lack.

#3 Low Maintenance

Wrought iron furniture generally requires very little maintenance. To keep it looking its best, all you need to do is occasionally scrub it with a wire brush, followed by a rinse with clean water. If you want to change up the look of your wrought iron furniture, you can always update it with a fresh coat of paint.

Wrought Iron Designs

Wrought iron is practical, beautiful and timeless. Its unique malleable properties mean that it can be used for virtually any purpose in home decor where decoration and durability are desired. Here are a few of our favourite examples of wrought iron home decor to give your home unique character.

#1 Wrought Iron Balustrade

Wrought Iron Decor - Balustrade
Wrought iron decorative accents for balustrades can take many forms:

  • A simple, classic country-style balustrade with flowing patterns of vines, swirls or lines to visually extend the length of the staircase
  • A sleek, modern or futuristic design
  • A complex Victorian or Art Deco design with delicate custom made lacework, twists, swirls or intricate scrolls
  • A nature-themed design that evokes the silhouette of a tree or climbing vines
  • A design that combines wrought iron with other mediums such as timber, crystals, stone or LED lighting

At Prestige Wrought Iron, we can custom-design and craft a truly unique wrought iron balustrade for your home. We will work with your ideas, and can even offer inspiration, to craft your ideal design. We can even tailor your balustrade’s design to ensure it is child safe.

#2 Wrought Iron Wall Art

Originating in the talented craftsmanship of French and Spanish iron craftsmanship, the beauty and elegance of wrought iron wall art add a unique look to any indoor or outdoor space. Whether you want a bold statement or a quiet accent piece, a stylish filigree pattern or a more contemporary abstract design, wrought iron wall art can be tailored to reflect your desired design statement.

For example, the elegant filigree design of wrought iron wall art can complement a cosy, rustic aesthetic, an exotic oriental atmosphere, or a chic Art Deco interior. A geometric design works well with contemporary interior design styles.

#3 Wrought Iron Bed Frame

Wrought Iron Decor - Bed Frame
Bed frames crafted of wrought iron are robust, tough and provide unmatched durability. When crafted into an elegant headboard or footboard, wrought iron can significantly add to the aesthetic value of your bedroom. Wrought iron bed frames come in a variety of customisable designs, colours and finishes, so feel free to design a bed frame that complements the rest of your bedroom’s decor.

Wrought iron decorative accents for a bed frame may include:

  • Vintage inspired ornate leaves and spirals
  • Straight rectangular shapes on a sleigh style bed
  • Classic scrollwork on a canopy bed
  • An old French-style classic design with delicate curves and decorative castings
  • A geometric silhouette featuring squares, triangles or rectangles

#4 Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture

Wrought Iron Decor
Whether you’re looking for patio furniture or a garden bench, wrought iron is ideal. Its durability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions make it especially perfect for outdoor furniture. From a traditional Victorian and Roman style table to contemporary rustic outdoor furniture, wrought iron tables offer a simple, natural stylishness, perfect for the modern Australian lifestyle.

#5 Wrought Iron Garden Arch

Wrought Iron Decor - Golden Arch
A wrought arch is stylish, weather-resistant and sturdy: the perfect choice for growing roses and climbing plants in a garden, verandah or terrace. Whether you prefer your plants to weave through an intricate design or a simple yet elegant one, an arch can complete the look of your landscaping.

#6 Wrought Iron Window or Door Grille

Wrought Iron Window
A wrought iron grille in a decorative pattern adds an extra layer of security and style to the security mesh on your home’s windows and doors. Window grilles allow you to keep your windows open while keeping your home secured. Possible designs include solid iron scrollwork, twisted steel and arrows, or interlocking spirals with floral motifs. These can be customised to match the rest of your home’s aesthetics.

Final Thoughts: Wrought Iron Decor For Home

Wrought iron home decor offers a chic and timeless style that is perfectly customisable to your individual style. Whether you’re looking for a chic, vintage style or more contemporary design, wrought iron offers both customisability and durability.

Here at Prestige Wrought Iron, we specialise in jaw-droppingly beautiful wrought iron furniture to give your home a unique personality. As southeast Queensland’s premier wrought iron craftsmen, we can custom-design and handcraft any style of decor for you in quality Australian iron. Browse our online galleries for inspiration or get in touch with our team to discuss the possibilities.