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Styling Up 2016 – Home Renovations For Brisbane

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Planning home renovations for your Brisbane house in 2016? Check out what’s hotter than the sweltering summer heat of a Brisbane summer for your home next year. Whether you’re planning full reno works or just updating jaded décor, ironwork is going to be scorching hot in 2016.

Our guide to home renovation trends for 2016 will ensure that your Brisbane home stays cool in all the ways that count.

Top 4 home design trends for 2016 

There is a prevalence of natural materials and fibres along with an abundance of wood, metal and stone showing up as key features for the home in 2016.
The top 4 styles for 2016 to keep in mind when planning for your Brisbane home renovations are:

  • Indoor outdoor connectivity;
  • Eco friendly and sustainable;
  • Local artisan made furniture and designs created from authentic and natural materials; and
  • Spa inspired master bathrooms.

The best thing about these home renovation trends is that they have staying power. Industry gurus and home interior designers are predicting that along with sculptured and textured designs, environmentally and eco-friendly looks are going to have serious staying power. This is great news for our planet and your budget. Get your renovation project underway – book your skip hire, your builder and Dean Wilson Iron , so you can be out with old and in with the new and create a great new look for your home.

Indoor outdoor connectivity

If you’re planning major home renovations for 2016 this design element should be a big part of your plans, and it’s a match made in heaven for the sub-tropical Brisbane climate. Indoor-outdoor connectivity is all about creating a flow and blurring the distinction between indoors and outdoors.

Oversized glass sliding doors leading to your outdoor entertaining area can help remove the traditional barrier between inside and outside allowing your yard and outdoor space to become a more integrated part of your home. Or, consider renovating your patio or deck, allowing them to be closed off during the cooler months of the year to become more like a room rather than a distinct outside only area. Incorporating corner windows is another way to add an element of indoor outdoor connectivity to your home renovations.

With the move towards removing the boundaries between inside and outside comes the need for furniture that looks good and functions well in either setting. Custom made wrought iron furniture and décor is the perfect medium to capture this merging of the natural outdoor world with the more traditional elements of indoor living.

Think wrought iron dining chairs, tables and coffee tables for furniture that flows seamlessly between inside and outside. Stunning decorative pieces using wrought iron that can be used to capture and express the indoor outdoor connection include plant stands and wall hangers, candle sconces and holders, wall art and a hand forged centre piece display or basket for your table.

Wrought iron is of course the first choice for garden gates, fences and railings when renovating outside and will be sure to turn your outdoor area into the most popular room in your house this summer.

Ecofriendly and sustainable

Ecofriendly and sustainable brings to mind the use of wood, glass, metal and natural stone when planning renovations. Using materials that have the smallest possible carbon footprint in their production is also on point. Sustainable also means choosing materials that can be re-used and last the distance. Buy furniture and home décor for the long term by investing time and money in a piece of furniture that can be enjoyed for many years by you and your family.

The use of wrought iron ticks all the boxes when it comes to sustainable and ecofriendly furniture and design. The metal used in wrought iron productions can be repeatedly recycled and reused; in fact, it becomes stronger and is of a higher quality the more it’s reworked. Scrap from wrought iron is reheated and forged into a solid mass ready to be reworked into a product of hand forged beauty.

Wrought iron furniture, balustrades, fences and security grilles – in fact anything made from wrought iron – is built to quite literally last a life time and beyond. It’s also very low maintenance to boot. You can’t get much more ecofriendly than that.

Local artisan made furniture and décor designs created from authentic and natural materials

Highly textured furnishings and design elements sourced and made by local artisans, along with recycled materials and handmade furniture are the chic stylist’s hottest decorating tip for 2016 home renovations.

Brisbane is a hotbed of local talent when it comes to skilled artisans, including wrought iron design and construction for the ultimate in homemade furniture. The design world right now is all about supporting local artisans with hand forged, hand loomed and hand crafted products.

Team custom designed wrought iron statement pieces with wood, stone or textured natural fabrics, organic shapes, hand crafted pottery and handwoven textiles. The combination of wood and metal in furniture is particularly on trend right now. Include a roughhewn wood top to your wrought iron coffee or side tables instead of the typical glass one. The design ideas are endless so get talking to a wrought iron artisan today.

Spa inspired bathrooms

Tiny and inefficient bathrooms are out! Turning your bathroom into an intimate, functional and peaceful retreat is the latest focus for home renovators. Once the sole preserve of high end hotels and fancy spas, creating your own day spa at home is on the money for 2016 and will add style and value to your home. Not to mention the ultimate way to come home and relax at the end of a hard day’s work.

Incorporate hand crafted, artisan designed and forged wrought iron touches into your spa inspired bathroom. Wrought iron towel baskets mounted to the wall will re-create the feeling of being in a luxurious hotel. A wall shelf fashioned from wrought iron for your essential bathroom items will add a touch of elegance, whilst wall mounted wrought iron candle holders create a dramatic and romantic feel for your spa room.

Embrace the indoor outdoor connectivity that’s also big right now in home renovations and include a customised wrought iron plant stand in your bathroom to bring the outdoors inside.

Ironwork is scorching hot in 2016

Wrought iron captures all the hot home design elements for 2016 home renovations in one hand forged package. It’s the perfect choice for furniture that straddles the indoor and outdoor world, it’s ecofriendly and sustainable, produced by local artisans and makes a bold and stunning accent to your spa inspired bathroom.

If you’re planning home renovations in 2016 talk to the iron artisans at Prestige Wrought Iron about designing the perfect wrought iron piece for you. Brisbane’s premier wrought iron architects and designers can be contacted on 07 3814 0076. Why wait?