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Classic Design Table

6 Beautiful Wrought Iron Table Designs

These days, an increasing number of property owners choose to incorporate wrought iron into their homes — from stairways and balconies, to indoor and outdoor decor. Wrought iron furniture has many benefits. It is stylish, durable and low maintenance, and has a timeless beauty that will add drama and character to any room. 
From functional pieces that serve as dining options to those that are purely decorative, here are six wrought iron table designs to inspire your next renovation project.

Classic Design Table

Image from Pinterest

The classic curves and whimsical swirls of this wrought iron table mirror a traditional French style, alluringly sculptured into furniture fit for a king (or queen!) of their own modern-day castle. Its darker tones exude warmth and character, and a glass top allows its owners ample opportunity to gaze as its free-form beauty. Combined with plush-topped chairs, a mood-enhancing rug, and a smouldering fireplace, it’s the perfect setting for a sophisticated tea party or a cheeky glass of before-bed sherry.    

Console Table

Neutral spaces in a home can be challenging to fill, and indoor plants or strategically placed artwork sometimes just doesn’t cut it. The solution? Wrought iron furniture! Ideal as a statement piece or entryway welcomer, the ornate swirls of this console table are the perfect backdrop for your favourite books (and quirky book-ends). Its slim-lined top and neutral palette are also tastefully discrete, allowing its contemporary influences to take centre stage. Delicately designed legs finish off this piece – staking their territory as a table with a lovely combination of form and functionality.

Intricate Design Table

Image from Urban Forge

A stunning work of art that immediately plunges those who view it into a whimsical world of magical forests and mischievous wood folk. No? Well, perhaps a piece that simply reflects the wonderful intricacies of nature and all its beauty. Meticulously designed to highlight its individual charm and character, branches weave their way throughout the structure and are tipped by the subtle nod to new growth. Earthy tones and a delicate glass top complete this amazing piece of art — perfect for some indoor wow factor or as an inspirational wrought iron outdoor setting.

Occasional Table

Image from Inviting Home

With its delicate silhouette and unstructured lines, this cast iron table embraces the wonderful world of curves, from its enclosed glass top to its oval-shaped sides and tippy-toe feet. Scrolls add visual interest, curving inwards to end in feminine rosette-style accents. Hand-wrought with an antiqued silver-leaf finish, this accent table is begging for recognition, as a centre-of-attention side table or as a fetching boudoir enhancer that will add style and sophistication – with or without the Lady of the House’s favourite trinkets.

Dining Table

Image from Grace Wrought Iron

In the hierarchy of the table family, dining tables often pull rank. However, for a cast iron table that is versatile and unobtrusive, you can’t go past a console. Ideal for narrow spaces like hallways and entryways, this version features a traditional French design with its art nouveau swirls and spirals that contrast beautifully with its sleek vertical lines. A glass top adds a sprinkling of elegance, and makes it the perfect display foundation for much-loved decorative pieces. Regardless of its style or design, the underestimated console demands (and should receive) attention!

Unique Console Table

Image from Christie’s

This is a show-stopper, and a divine example of a console table design from the French Style Moderne/Art Nouveau period of the early 1900s. This artistic period was all about invention and experimental and creative renewal and can be seen in the eccentric shapes and curvilinear profiles of this piece.

Rich in detail and projecting unique adornment characteristics, the rich rust-red tones of this wrought iron table exude refinement and are superbly complemented by its stunning (and, let’s face it, overly-dramatic) red-veined marble top.