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Wrought Iron Security Front Doors

6 Advantages of Wrought Iron Security Front Doors

Offering both beauty and durability, wrought iron security front doors are a timeless and practical solution for home security. If you’re considering installing a home security door, here are six major benefits of wrought iron and custom made security doors.

6 Benefits of Wrought Iron Home Security Doors

Wrought Iron Home Security Doors Benefit #1 – Durability and Security

Wrought iron security doors are built to last. Boasting unbeatable durability, wrought iron offers superior security and better protection against home invasions than any other type of door. Their high-grade steel construction makes them exceptionally strong, sturdy and difficult to damage, crack or break.

Unlike timber or vinyl doors, home security doors crafted of wrought iron are nearly impossible to penetrate with fire, water or force. Wrought iron doors can withstand strong winds and dangerous weather like hail or storms without buckling or deteriorating, making them the perfect all-purpose, durable security door. In fact, since our security doors and screens at Prestige Wrought Iron are hand forged and beaten into shape by ironworkers, they boast even greater strength than the thin steel doors that are mechanically created.

Finally, wrought iron security doors offer useful security features such as the ability to vet visitors before they enter your home. Homeowners will appreciate the ability to easily peer through a security screen’s decorative grillwork, remaining completely safe while they decide whether to allow the individual standing outside to enter their home. Together, this strength, durability and convenience make wrought iron the best material for security doors.

Wrought Iron Home Security Doors Benefit #2 – Prestige

Nothing says success like a beautiful home, graced with elegant wrought iron doors, with security gates and fencing to match. With their unique, welcoming yet unyielding and secure design, wrought iron security doors are a feature of many palaces, cathedrals, government buildings, and mansions belonging to the rich and the famous. A wrought iron door offers a level of prestige that other styles of doors simply can’t match.

Wrought Iron Home Security Doors Benefit #3 – Designs

As one of the first things visitors see when they visit your home, your security door plays a crucial role in shaping perceptions of your home. Thanks to the unique malleability of wrought iron, wrought iron home security doors are 100% customisable and can be crafted into any style or design you desire.

Traditional wrought iron security doors and screens often feature handcrafted spiral, leaf or vine designs. Contemporary wrought iron doors make use of clean lines, angled and geometric designs. Whether you want your security door to evoke the classic look of a medieval castle, the sleek, modern minimalist design of a modern home, or the elegant, rustic swirls of a Tuscan villa, wrought iron security front doors can be tailored to reflect the aesthetics of your home. Not many security door materials offer such a varied range of design possibilities.

With wrought iron custom made security doors, you also have nearly infinite choices for the paint colour. Choose a polished steel look, a dulled bronze colour, classic black, pure white, or any other colour that complements your home’s design. You can also add panelled sidelights (a narrow window or pane of glass set alongside a door) or include a transom (a horizontal structural beam that separates a door from a window above it). The options for crafting wrought iron high-security residential doors are truly endless.

Finally, your wrought iron security door can be designed with matching security windows, gates and fences to create a seamless aesthetic throughout your home. With security windows, gates and a security door, you’ll have multiple lines of defence to keep your property safe from intruders.

Wrought Iron Home Security Doors Benefit #4 – Low Maintenance

Wrought iron security doors are extremely easy to maintain. Unlike other security doors, they don’t need repairs, resealing, rust-proofing or treatments to stay structurally sound and beautiful.

Wrought Iron Home Security Doors Benefit #5 – Air Flow

Practically speaking, wrought iron doors also allow air to flow throughout your home, enhancing the comfort of your living spaces without negatively impacting safety. If the airflow is a priority for you, a minimalist wrought iron design will ensure the best ventilation.

Wrought Iron Home Security Doors Benefit #6 – Beauty

Many homeowners opt for security mesh screens to protect their property from intrusion, but this style of door can compromise the outside aesthetics of your home. Wrought iron security doors are both beautiful and functional.

A wrought iron security door will dramatically transform your home. From the masterful craftsmanship and sheer beauty of handcrafted wrought iron to its substance and weight, wrought iron doors are a work of art that enhances your home’s aesthetic. When combined with a sidelight or transom, or highlighted by an outdoor hanging light, a wrought iron security front door can create an unforgettable entrance and draw admiration from passersby. Whatever style or design you choose, you can be sure that wrought iron doors will add undeniable class and style to your home.

If you’re considering a wrought iron security door for your property in South East Queensland, the team at Prestige Wrought Iron would love to help you. With the expertise to craft and install the highest quality custom made wrought iron security doors, we work closely with our clients to design a door that they love.

Check out our online gallery for more inspiration, or talk to a consultant about what you have in mind.