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Benefits Of Wrought Iron Garden Fencing

5 Benefits Of Wrought Iron Garden Fencing

A fence is an important feature in any home. It offers security to those that live in the property, while adding a focal point that can change the outside aesthetic of the house. A garden fence can blend in with the home or stand out to give the house outdoor street appeal. A quality garden fence needs to be weather-proof and resilient, too, which means the materials you use for your garden fence are just as important as the colour or design.
Wrought iron garden fencing is a stylish solution that’s durable and protective, without compromising on the character of your home. Here are five benefits to consider when choosing this style of fence for your home.


Wrought iron garden fencing stands much stronger than other fencing options like timber. It cannot be easily damaged and is very hard to manipulate if a trespasser should try to enter. Wrought iron can withstand harsh outdoor conditions like storms and extreme weather events, faring much better than timber in both hot and wet seasons. A strong wind won’t blow a wrought iron garden fence down in a hurry!

It’s this strength that gives wrought iron fences durability, and this should be considered if you are wanting a fence that will go the distance with your home. Wrought iron is a good option for homeowners who want a fence that is robust and will last – ultimately saving you money in the long term. A wrought iron fence is an investment!

Elegant or bold, contemporary or classic

The beauty of wrought iron garden fencing is the flexibility it offers in terms of style. Ornate fencing adds a touch of elegance and timeless style to your street appeal, going beyond the latest fads that fade in and out of preference. Wrought iron fencing can be custom designed to suit your personal style and the look of your home, from bold contemporary lines, to delicate decorative concepts. There are plenty of choices in style and design, compared to a simple timber fence where the only differentiating feature is the paint colour on the timber slats.

Popular choices for wrought iron fencing include art deco-inspired semicircular patterns, Baroque florals and leafy concepts that work to blend fencing with the natural surrounds. Colours can include traditional black or white, understated greens and browns, or wild concept colours that reflect more flamboyant home designs.

If you have a particular pattern in mind, wrought iron can be shaped into your design. This is a major point of difference from other fencing materials. Wrought iron is a malleable metal, so it can be moulded into your custom design, ensuring your home is unique and showcases your personal style. Walking into a fence that’s like no other on the street can truly make you feel like home is your castle!

Offer your property security

Once you’ve decided on the look and style you want to achieve with this versatile material, it’s time to get serious about security.
The height of a wrought iron fence is within your control. An experienced fencing design team, like Prestige Wrought Iron, can work with you on the style of your fence, as well as the height and other dimensions. The higher the fence, the harder it is for intruders to climb and enter your property. This should definitely be considered in suburbs where a high break and enter rate occurs.

Alternatively, if your fence is primarily to secure animals or simply to protect your family from a busy road, you can opt for a fence at eye line, or lower – without compromising on the complexity of the design.

Wrought iron garden fencing offers tighter security that many other fence types. The fences can include automatic gates that will only allow guests to enter when you let them – and can be coordinated with an intercom for added control. Manual gates are also available and can be designed with a lock to suit your preferences.

Wrought iron garden fences can make it difficult for door-to-door salespeople or intruding door knockers to reach you. The fence can prevent the inconvenience of a random visitor. This is valuable if you have children, or your identity is high profile. Privacy is a rare commodity these days!

But while wrought iron fencing is secure, it also allows light through and doesn’t prevent you from enjoying your surroundings. Timber and other metal fencing types are designed to block the view of the outside world.

Easy maintenance

One of the satisfying features of a wrought iron garden fence is that it doesn’t require much maintenance to stay looking pristine. It is generally hard wearing and stands up to storms as well as daily wear and tear. If a section of the fence does happen to get damaged or compromised for any reason, a blacksmith can easily weld or fix the section that needs repair, without having to replace the whole fence line.

Timber fences require regular coats of paint or wood stain to avoid cracking and discolouration. Nails can also come loose or fall out, and wood rot can set in over time. Iron ages well with minimal input from the homeowner.

Brick and stone walls face similar problems to timber. Although the materials are strong, the grouting breaks down over time with the natural movement of the ground around a home.

To clean a wrought iron fence, you can simply hose it down, or use a mild detergent. In the long term, you may notice rust spots. These can be managed with a wire brush and a dab of rustproof paint. Unlike wood rot, a few rust spots do not compromise the structural integrity of your whole fence.
Wrought iron garden fences can enhance the appearance of your property, add value and enhance privacy and security. Quality fencing is an investment in your home, or business, that will provide benefits for many years to come!

The team at Prestige Wrought Iron has experience in all types of wrought iron garden fencing design and installation. Check out the online gallery for inspiration, or talk to a consultant about your fencing vision.