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Pool Fencing Designs

4 Exquisite Pool Fencing Designs

Contemporary Pool Fencing Designs

Looking to install a pool in your home this summer? A swimming pool can be a fantastic and value-adding inclusion in any home, providing a great place where families and friends can relax, enjoy time together and splash about to keep active in summer. But not so fast: If you’re planning to invest in a pool, you’ll also need sturdy pool fencing to make sure your pool ticks the correct boxes when it comes to pool safety.

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons for installing a pool fence, the pool fencing regulations that apply in Queensland, and offer four stunning pool fencing designs to inspire you.

Why do I need pool fencing?

Pool safety is of paramount importance for any family. The main objective of pool fencing is to keep young children from entering the pool unsupervised and reduce potential tragedies such as drowning.

Installing a swimming pool fence around your pool is legally required by Australian law. Australian swimming pool owners must also register their swimming pool with their local council registrar. People who do not register their pools are vulnerable to on-the-spot fines or court penalties.

Pool Fencing Regulations in Australia

In a bid to reduce the high number of swimming pool accidents that occur nationwide each year, the Australian government unrolled new legislation surrounding pool fencing. Here are the pool fencing rules that apply across Australia, and simple ways you can make sure your pool meets these requirements.

1. Pool fences must be made from a durable material: To meet this requirement, we recommend selecting a strong material such as wrought iron, glass or aluminium.

2. Pool fencing must be well-maintained, without gaps, holes or damage: Officially, your pool fencing should have:

  • A gap of no more than 10 centimetres between the bottom of the fence and the ground
  • A gap of no more than 10 centimetres between any panels or posts

We recommend choosing a low maintenance material that can weather the elements. If your fence falls into disrepair, contacting a fence repair service as soon as possible to fix any damage.

3. Pool fencing must have a certain height: When measured from the outside, the pool fencing must achieve a minimum height of 1.2 metres. Any boundary fences that make up the pool fence must be at least 1.8 metres high.

4. A pool gate must come with certain features: Your pool must be fitted with a self-closing, self-latching gate that swings outwards away from the pool. The latch for your pool gate must be child-resisted and mounted at least 1.5 metres high such that a child is not able to reach over to open it by themselves.

5.  Your pool area must not be surrounded by climbable objects: Your pool area must not have any objects that a child can climb, such as a tree or outdoor furniture, within 90 centimetres of the pool fence.

4 Stunning Examples of Pool Fencing

#1 Brilliant Azure Spiral Pool Fence

This stylish pool fence, painted in a stunning blue to complement the trim of the house’s gables and patio posts, is both eye-catching and functional. It uses a beautiful spiral pattern along the top of the fence to create a visual flow for the eye to follow.

To achieve this look, ask your fence designer to:

  • Paint your wrought iron pool fence in a bright blue shade, such as azure, teal, turquoise or midnight blue, to evoke the ocean
  • Alternatively, paint your wrought iron fence in a bold shade to match the trimmings of your home’s facade
  • Create a flowing pattern with the wrought iron, using spirals or waves
  • Combine the spiral motif with straight-edged posts to create the impression of a grand and opulent column, leading to paradise

Pool Fencing Designs

#2 A Sleek Black Pool Fence With An Infinity Symbol

An infinity pool is a statement within itself, so for this style of pool, we recommend choosing a simple modern style. This pool fence uses wrought iron to create a subtle yet sophisticated statement. Choosing black to complement the tiles of the infinity pool and the smooth marble-like finish of the platform creates a luxurious feel.

If you have an infinity pool, we recommend designing your pool fence to have clean, contemporary lines to give it a feeling of elegance. A simple, repeated infinity symbol along the top of the fence adds an extra subtle touch.
To achieve this look, ask your fence designer to:

  • Think of your pool area (for example, do you have a marble or granite finish? What colour are your pool tiles?) and choose a neutral colour to complement it
  • Use an infinity symbol for a subtle yet stylish motif

Black Pool Fence With An Infinity Symbol

#3 A Simple Black Fence With An Oval Motif

This simple black pool fence offers classic style. Featuring a single oval in the centre of the gate and along the top of each panel, the fence looks clean and elegant.
To achieve this look, ask your fence designer to:

  • Embrace sleek simplicity to keep the design subtle and unobtrusive
  • Choose a dark neutral paint colour such as black or dark grey

Black Fence With An Oval Motif

#4 A Stylish Pool Fence With A Spiral Design

This stunning pool fencing features an ornate spiral and circle combination on the gate, with subtle spirals in the corners of each top panel of the fence itself. This flowing style contrasts beautifully with the structured lines.
To achieve this look, ask your fence designer to:

  • Draw a mockup that combines structured lines with flowing spirals and circles
  • Consider symmetry when designing the fence and how the design in the main gate may carry over in a more streamlined form with the fence panels

Pool Fence With A Spiral Design

Final Thoughts: Choosing Pool Fencing

If you’re seeking a pool fence to match your style of pool or the design of your home, we can guarantee there is a beautiful and functional pool fence design to suit your tastes. Purchasing a well-crafted pool fence will help keep your family safe and ensure you meet Queensland pool safety regulations, while adding style to your home.

The team at Prestige Wrought Iron has expertise in all types of pool fencing design and installation. Check out the online gallery for inspiration, or talk to a consultant about your fencing vision.