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Wrought Iron Staircase Designs

10 Stunning Wrought Iron Staircase Designs

Searching for stylish wrought iron staircase designs for a home renovation project? Wrought iron is an excellent choice for staircases because its metal is durable yet malleable, and can be crafted into a wide array of stunning bespoke designs.
Stair railings serve more than a functional purpose — they give stairs a visual presence and make a staircase a work of art. With stair rails made of metal, the creative possibilities are almost endless.

Here are 10 wrought iron staircase designs to add character and value to your home.

#1 Characterful Wrought Iron Stair Balustrade With Flowing Spirals and Florals

Flowing Spirals Balustrade
Looking for a creative, unusual design that exudes contemporary style with a nod to classic staircases? This black wrought iron staircase consists of large spirals interspersed with smaller spirals, twists, roses, loops and clover motifs. High-gloss black paint transforms the balusters and railing into a modern art statement.

To recreate this design, ask your wrought iron staircase designer to:

  • Design the spirals in a loose, intricate style with layers of spirals intertwined together.
  • Include floral details like roses and leaves.
  • Choose a classic black and white colour scheme with polished black treads and white risers.
  • Add unusual details like loops to create a quirky yet elegant vibe.

#2 Contemporary Wrought Iron Stair Balustrade With Spirals

Balustrade with spirals
This staircase features flowing spirals with a smooth, seamless railing that flows down and ends in a graceful spiral. To create this look, ask your wrought iron balustrade designer to:

  • Draw a mockup that features loosely tangled, flowing spirals.
  • Create a smooth, straight outer railing that ends in a spiral.
  • Complement the black wrought iron with rustic timber steps.

#3 Elegant Wrought Iron Stair Baluster

Elegant Baluster
Do you want a dramatic, majestic look? This regal wrought iron staircase is a gorgeous way to add beauty to a classic interior. To achieve this elegant look, ask your wrought iron staircase designer to:

  • Design the spirals in a smooth, sweeping wave-like pattern. These spirals should interlace to create visual interest.
  • Echo the main spiral design with two smaller spirals below the handrail.
  • Install the black wrought iron railing onto a dark timber base with white accents.
  • Use a simple colour palette to let the eye-catching design shine.

#4 Gorgeous Baroque Spiralling Wrought Iron Staircase

Baroque Spiralling

The right staircase railing design for your home will reflect its architecture. With its flourishes of Baroque style, this unique staircase evokes French grandeur with a contemporary edge. The curves of the wrought iron suggest opulence, adding unconventionality and elegance to a neutral interior. To achieve this look, ask your wrought iron staircase designer to:

  • Draw inspiration from Parisian and French wrought iron staircases.
  • Incorporate simple leaves and flower bulbs into the design, paying attention to symmetry and visual balance.

#5 Characterful Ornamental Wrought Iron Railing

Ornamental Railing
This subtle, delicate design has been artfully sculpted to imitate delicate vines or stalks. Wrought iron is weather-resistant and ideal for outdoor stairs to complement a garden. To achieve this elegant look, ask your wrought iron balustrade designer to:

  • Create smooth, thin organic lines and spirals.
  • Include gentle twists.
  • Consider native flora for inspiration.

#6 Delicate Floral Outdoor Wrought Iron Stair Railing

Floral Outdoor Wrought Iron Stair Railing
This outdoor staircase features wrought iron rails in a classic Victorian style. The sleek black vertical lines ground the design to create a simple yet timeless look. To achieve this look, ask your wrought iron balustrade designer to:

  • Contrast sleek, vertical lines with gentle loops and diagonal spirals.
  • Take inspiration from historical Victorian balustrades.
  • Ensure that all details look clean and stylised.

#7 Graceful Wrought Iron Stair Railing With Polished Timber

Polished Timber
This simple yet stately staircase features tight twists in the curved long arches and black circles. Panelled posts stained to match the handrails and staircase trim add a touch of regality. To achieve this look, ask your wrought iron balustrade designer to:

  • Create a series of arches in panels featuring tiny spirals, rosettes and twisted vertical lines.
  • To create a lavish look, combine three kinds of materials: wrought iron, timber and marble.
  • Contrast rounded and rectangular shapes in both the newel post and the wrought iron design.

#8 Sleek Modern Wrought Iron Stair Baluster

Wrought Iron Staircase Designs
This streamlined wrought iron balustrade, which mimics sheet music (completed with a clef), is practical and adds a sophisticated, minimalist touch to any home. To achieve this look, ask your wrought iron balustrade designer to:

  • Create simple, clean diagonal lines to mimic bars of music.
  • Bend the wrought iron to create a spiral design at the top of the stairs.
  • Include simple circles to add simplicity and balance to the design.

#9 Intricate Arabesque Wrought Iron Staircase

Arabesque wrought iron staircase
This ornamental wrought iron railing features an Arabesque floral pattern with straight vertical railings. To create this look, ask your wrought iron balustrade designer to:

  • Look at vintage floral patterns for inspiration
  • Balance the design with vertical lines to create a sense of order
  • Make sure each floral motif is surrounded by open space to avoid visual clutter

#10 Nature-Inspired Wrought Iron Staircase

Nature Inspired Wrought Iron Staircase
This beautiful, subtle staircase design mimics an unfurling vine. To achieve this soft, organic look, ask your wrought iron staircase designer to:

  • Design the balusters with abstract, organic lines, with a straight handrail and base rail
  • Include gentle twists at the bottom of the staircase
  • Use native flora for inspiration

Our expert craftspeople can bring your staircase vision to life with beauty, quality and precision, ensuring it is the centrepiece of your home for years to come. Check out more of our stunning wrought iron staircases on our online gallery or contact the experts at Prestige Wrought Iron for a quote on (07) 3814 0076.